Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Your Tuition Paid For This?

This video is from a graduation ceremony at a PUBLIC college in Texas. How was this allowed to go on as long as it did? The very first thing she starts in on is the "sin" of knowledge?! SHE'S GRADUATING.

As kids we're taught that there is a time and a place. Time = NOT THEN. Place = NOT THERE. Think of all the students, their families, everyone that had to sit through that when they were there to celebrate an achievement in their lives. I can't imagine having to sit through that. I have yet to see an Atheist do this. In fact:

If you have footage of an Atheist doing something like this, e-mail me and I'll post it on here with an apology.

Last thing, Humanism is a sin? Wow, I thought recognizing the human race as a whole and doing what we can to come together and make the world better was a GOOD thing!


Mike said...

One thing, and only one thing is evident, SHE IS FUCKING CRAZY!

Mike said...

You know there is something i want to say!

I think everyone on this planet is really looking for something to believe in!

Even atheists believe in something or other! Personally i find believing in myself is well easy, mainly because i know i have some kind of consciousness, and its sort of the only thing we have. At least at my perception I EXIST, right!? Ok so besides that... i think that to completely write-off the existence of some kind of energy/being/etc. is not only foolish but completely ignorant! So, hopefully you are still with me!

So we as a bag of blood and muscles and bones... and our immature brains; we will most likely never understand other worldly concepts. Shit, we cannot even come to a consensus that god DID NOT create the world in seven days and the world is NOT 12,000 years old!

So what's my point! While this action is completely immature and childish, you have to sort of give it up for that amount of devotion! I mean to shake uncontrollably, and fall apart in front of all those people for YOUR FUCKING GOD... not all those other peoples God! To make such a display that the Dean (i can only assume) is forced to have an ambulance called! That was absolutely amazing! To be honest I laughed sooo hard!

Anonymous said...

This is absurb. Why would anyone ever deliver a speech like that as a validictorian? She has to speak to the whole class not for herself. How selfish and self-serving.....What a bitchy twat face.....!!!!!

Mike said...

Kaleena you hit the nail on the head!

That was completely selfish and self-serving! Not very Christian-like!

Mike said...

I do however, think her SINS are forgiven! HEHEHE

Pat said...

this is so fucking absurd. only in texas would they allow something like this. she must have down a lot of sinful things at college or think very little of her classmates to need to pray that much for forgiveness

Pat said...

I love the guy to the right of her who's getting annoyed and looking at his watch

Pat said...

somebody please call an ambulance, this girl has an immense build up of faith in her heart and retardation in her mind
retardation! somebody get the electric chair!