Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gone To New Orleans... Be Back Soon!

I found this gem while looking for touristy stuff on New Orleans. I can't wait! I thought I would leave this for you before I leave. Oh, and here's one more for you:

Everyone was making those ridiculous 'Chuck Norris' jokes, but we all know Johnny Cash could kick his teeth out just playing a chord. You know, I know it, just accept it.

Johnny Cash: The only JC I believe in.


Mike said...

1. It is completely evident that the government doesn't care about Black people, Hispanic people, or White people for that fact (well unless you have millions/billions). They especially don't care about "people" who live in the ghetto! SHUT THE FUCK UP! The only person you have to blame for your situation is yourself! If New Orleans is that bad and you will most likely die living there... GET YOUR FUCKIN' ASS OUTTA THERE! There's so many other place to live that have jobs and are not places where you won't get shot! And, as far as working at McDonald's... you have to start somewhere, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! I worked at KFC, making fucking chicken and coming home greasy and smelly.

Fun fact, the reasons there are guns in the ghetto and they are so easy to come by is because "the government" wants it that way! They want black people killing each other... it thins your population out... less money they have to spend patrolling the streets. Smarten up... it's your neighborhood! Travel to Harlem and look what they've done! it's beautiful, such proudful people now!

That was a rant! sorry!

2. my favorite JC song is when he covers Trent Reznor's Hurt! That is fucking amazing!

Ray said...

Wow, Mike. I think the average reader may look at this as slightly racist. I know you though and know you don't mean it that way... please, explain.

Oh, and I just had a waitress in Rhode Island talk about New Orleans and how its going to be different now... since 9/11.... WHAT?! Has she even HEARD of a hurricane?

Mike said...
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Mike said...
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Mike said...

My comments are COMPLETELY NOT RACIST!!!!

The video displays the lives of Black men in the ghettos of New Orleans, If i point out a race for any reason it is because that is the race being depicted!

RE-read, I never once singled a race out, directly! I even share their plight!

And, any harshness that is given is not necessarily racist!

And speaking of racism, what is racist about pointing out what the people are saying in this video and speaking about how entirely wrong they for thinking/saying that!

If my comments are racist, than the video and your original post is racist because it only shows black people and is a slanted view of New Orleans!

Whiny people are whiny people! And, just to add white people whine much more than other races!

I'm so sorry you were born in the ghetto, I'm so sorry the government doesn't support you, I'm really sorry you feel like you have to kill your friends before they kill you, and I'm especially sorry you feel hopeless! But, if you want someone to blame... you can only blame yourselves for your problems.

Everyone [I mean everyone] in this world wants to blame others for their suffering. Atheist blame the Christians, Christians blame everyone, governments blame other governments... where does it all stop!?

WE are all on this planet for whatever reason or non-reasons WE are on this planet... grow the FUCK up and stop whining! If you are having issues or problems in your life, do something about them... stop the problem before it gets any worse! My mom has a saying, "In order to SEE things differently, you must DO things differently!" 

Finally thought, I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DEFEND MY OPINIONS! Think about that!

Jesse said...

So, after watching this expose, if you will, on New Orleans, and then reading Mike's replies, something didn't settle right in my stomach. I then worked for a couple of days, and slowly started thinking about it more and more. Today I now have the free time of researching this video a little more. This is a very small part of the completely DIY documentary of New Orleans Exposed. I was able to watch all of it on and now have a better understanding of it.
As a man such as myself planning on going back to school to study Cultural Anthropology with a specialty in underground cultures, I find myself entranced in videos like these where they tend to unearth a gritty reality in a place or time when things tend to be a little more primordial. I have still yet to discover why that is.
Anyways, after going back today after watching the video and then reading Mike's comment, I wasn't filled with something not right, but more of a thought of, "Wow, this is exactly how I would have thought a few years ago!"
Don't get me wrong Mike, I don't feel or think that you were wrong in your statements, nor do I think anyone should really ever have to defend their thoughts or opinions. Like Guantanama the original Buddha said, there is no one right way or opinion. I do however feel like your comment was a little construed and/or over simplified. There is a lot more going on then "GET YOUR FUCKIN' ASS OUTTA THERE! There's so many other place to live that have jobs and are not places where you won't get shot! And, as far as working at McDonald's... you have to start somewhere, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! I worked at KFC, making fucking chicken and coming home greasy and smelly."
I don't mean to single you out as a whole, but more just this one statement, because after thinking about this for awhile, and from other studies of like cultures and times in history, sometimes things can't be solved that easily. I feel these people who live in the impoverished areas of New Orleans really do love their area and their culture that originally started as a rebellion of slaves and native Americans coming together against French rule. Also I think their situation is quite similar to soldiers who come back from war, and once they get here, they don't know how to adapt, and/or what they should do. Likewise it's almost always the same for the inmate who has been locked up for so long, and once he gets out, he is left clueless on how he should react and adapt to the new life. Both examples end up reverting to the same mindset and ideals they had to keep in order to stay alive while at war or in jail.
All of us, who have lived quiet or semi-quiet or sheltered lives, can find it easy to say, "Well, if you don't like it, you should get out of there" Problems aren't ever solved from running away from them. They will always be there. That mindset of a former project inhabitant who has just been replaced to Houston after the hurricane hit, still has the same mindset, it is something he was raised with all his life. This is why right after hurricane Katrina hit, and many of the poor black youth from these areas were displaced to Houston, Houston saw a huge increase in crime.

Anyways, like Mike said, we all know the government wants guns and drugs and crimes to keep happening , so as to control the population, and though that might sound like a conspiracy theory to the average citizen, the numbers and statistics don't lie. Nor do the millions and millions of dead bodies.

I know this really isn't relevant to Ray's Atheist blog, it is a subject I like talking about. Especially with me going back to school to basically study underground cultures. Also, towards the end of this documentary, the general populace of New Orleans Ghetto, tends to have a lot of similarities with a lot of ancient and modern tribes. Kind of interesting?

Sorry for the rant. If you read through all of this, then thank you. Also, I am a little buzzed right now, I apologize.

Mike said...

I'm not necessarily sheltered. I have worked extremely hard to get where i am! I am realistic about the situations that enslave EVERYONE!

Trust me these and any of my comments are not meant to be racist!

I do have first hand experience of the lower-income neighborhoods... being that i have lived on the south-side and west-side of providence... which was definitely not places that my parents wanted me to live, but i wanted to and had to! So this leads me to my story...

The place i lived on the west-side, lived a 5-year-old black boy named Russell. He was singly the most intelligent 5-year-old i have ever meet. A conversation with him was an experience and he knew things about the world that i didn't know until i was a much older youth [high school or later]. He was an amazing little boy, except one fact he was a thug. His male role model (dad or uncle or mom's boyfriend) was a thug and sold drugs, did drugs, was an all around bad influence. His mother, was a wonderful lady who cooked us up great food from time to time... actually now that i think about i believe it was his grandmother... his mom was never there! The state of russell's environment will present a hard bridge for him to cross into adulthood. I hate to say this, but more than likely he will also be a thug, only because of one reason his family life sucks!

Family is the most important thing to life! The fact is most of these hopeless youths have shitty family lives!

I don't want to go on and on, so i'll stop there!

Jesse Hearts said...

Well said Mike, it all boils down to your family life, and how you were raised.
I wasn't saying you lived a sheltered life, I was just making a broad generalization that the average sheltered American citizen finds it easy to just write off these youths as "wrong" individuals.
The south-side and west-side of Providence are not easy places to live in, I have been there many times. I have also know what it is like to live in these types of areas before.
Anyways, I enjoy studying and talking about different cultures and life styles, and I suggest watching the rest of this little documentary, there are some great points later on in the film.

And trust me, I know your comments are not racist at all. Whoever thought that was beyond normal reasoning.