Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This American Life Needs Us!!

Okay, I love This American Life, the most unique and wonderful radio program that ever graced these ears. If you listen to the show, great! I feel like we can connect. If you haven't heard of it, that's fine... just make sure you give it a listen PRONTO. If you have heard of it but haven't listened to it yet, see previous statement. If you don't like the show, then I have no time for you seeing as you can't even exist anyway cuz NO ONE doesn't like This American Life!

That said, they are feeling the economic crunch. WBEZ in Chacago, where TAL calls home, has already had to lay off a dozen or so people and may ahve to do more trimming in the budget. So here is the deal. Most poeple that listen to the show do so by downloading the free FREE! podcast each monday of the episode that aired brand spanking new on friday. This costs WBEZ 150,000 dollars a year for bandwitdth alone! All so we can listen for free.

SO.... Ira Glass is calling on you. And me. I already donated today and want to give you the same oppurtunity. Click the following to do so:


Oh, and if you are so inclined, it's tax-deductible. I have never asked for money on here*, but I really love the show and you more people need to hear it. Thanks for reading my begging/diatribe.

*If you want to give me money for the site though, you should.

Monday, December 22, 2008

If I had a Time Machine.... XMas Style

Why can't the War on Christmas learn a little something from... well... 1984. Not the Orwell masterpiece, no. The year (and some would say Era) of 1984. That's right. Take a look at this video and tell me it doesn't warm your heart to see all these people all adorably "cool" in rediculous clothes and hairstyles. That's what we'll look like to the youth of tomorrow. Enjoy!

So come on Bill-o and we Atheists, let's be a little more like this video. Do you think Sting and Bono REALLY got along? No. Too much ego for two people to co-exist. But they joined forces however briefly for the good of... the world. Oh, and Wham! and Boy George, etc.

"Give Me A FUCKIN' Break Michael"

I swear she seems like a character Amy Sedaris would do. Happy Winter Solstice.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The War On Christmas

Bill Bill Bill, when you talk, is it just to hear your own voice? Or is it to drown out the rest of the people around you telling you you're WRONG? By know I'm sure you've heard about the FFRF plaque in Olympia, Washington. I like it, I just wish the wording had been slightly more passive at the end, just so there could be less ammunition for the conservative blowhards up in arms about it.

The fact remains that, in any given public area that has been cleared for displays, Atheist displays are just as viable and protected as any Nativity Scene or any religious display. I mean, I think if I was a believer, a hollow, plastic, glowing, plugged in Jesus would be more offensive than someone else's beliefs. But it's Bill's thick wall of ignorance that is the problem. The self proclaimed "War on Christmas" that he and his ilk have claimed to be happening.... is that even remotely realistic?

The war on Christmas is over. Christmas lost. And it won. Because it wasn't fought in the streets or in the courts or even in the schools. It was fought at Walmart and Best Buy. It was fought by Santa and Jesus and Santa won with a surprise right-cross with a Visa Debit Card in his hand. Every Christmas Tree faced off against all the Crucifix' and, some say because of the hight advantage and Jesus' off balance pose, the Tree's had them beat in no time. The presents won in a landslide victory against communion. The Grinch and Charlie Brown and Home Alone became the new Trinity and all was good.

The war on Christmas. Never happened. Christmas is as much about Jesus as St. Patrick's Day. I'm an Atheist and I love Christmas, not because of any religious references or traditions (they've all but dissapeared) but for what Christmas is really about; Family and Friends... and buy a shit load of stuff and propping up a portion of the economy one wish-list at a time. No one thinks fondly of their Christmas' past and see's religion, they see dinner with the family, presents under the tree, Lego's and Barbie.

So Christmas is what it is, the middle of winter, the time of the solstice, and a chance to get together with family and take some time off work. You want a real Bad Guy for crimes against Christmas? Talk to Jim Carry about remaking a live action Grinch. There's your culprit. Go get him, Bill.

Ho Ho Ho.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Great Video

Here's a fun video I came across thanks to my friend Colby. I know he doesn't see eye to eye with me on religious matters, but it's nice we can both enjoy this.

Notice such a nice gesture can be made with out the mention of God? I'm not making this an atheist video, I'm just saying it's cool.

It's also cool to see New Orleans and spot places we've been, I.E. the Disney World looking church in the background.... is that a religious tone? Crap.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Love This Video... All It Needs Is Kieth Olbermann.... And A Time Machine.

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

There are about a dozen people that I really enjoy in this musical, among the most noteworthy John C. Reilly, Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black. The fact that this is funny, chock full of celebs and a great message makes me wonder just one thing:


Don't get me wrong, I love the clip and the fact that they did it makes me smile and, admittedly, I will enjoy their work even more now that a part of me can recognize that they all have a sense of Liberty for the people. But I have to wonder why it took so long? No matter, I can't fault them for a wonderful performance.

Perhaps Proposition 8 being voted in was actually the best thing to happen to the movement? Perhaps now, decent people will stand up for what they believe in and won't let the ignorant choose their freedoms. Perhaps this will be seen in the future as the catalyst for change. We can only hope.

Until that day and even more upon it, I'll keep laughing with the smarter crowd.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just When I Start To Get My Head Around People Believing Rediculous Things...

Hmmmm, Jesus just seems so.... normal now.

Great, now I'm starting to side with the Christians? At least there preposterous myth has SOME semblance of history I.E. it's been passed down over the years through families. Still not a reason to believe in it, but an understandable way in which people fall into it.

But with this, you have to start with it brand new and that's rediculous. I mean, how the hell does something like religion just "start up"?? It's the alleged "beginning" and, if it were true, the absolute most important thing in the world... ever! That shit doesn't just get "realized" by some 40 year old, new age, dreamcatcher selling, hypocrite in Nevada.