Saturday, June 7, 2008

How Does Equating Worship With Soldier-Like Violence Praise Jesus?

Before leaving for New Orleans tomorrow, I wanted to leave you with this: A truly scary sign of what seems inevitable in Evangelical belief. Check out the website here.

I watched the video and honestly, I have no idea what they are REALLY trying to say. Other than music being responsible for all the bad things in this country, there isn't much in the way of a message. I mean, I'm used to seeing music brought in to the whole "terrible influence on the youth, destroying our country, blah blah blah" thing, but it's always just ONE of many things that these people rail against. To see it stand alone is odd, and I can't figure out what the 'ministry' does with it. I will say though that it's nice to see so many white kids enjoying themselves.

A few things:

  1. This country was NOT founded on 'GOD'. It was founded on the principals of Freedom... originally only white people, but we've come pretty far on that... we still need a little work in that area... okay, we were founded on not paying taxes then... wait, we pay outrageous taxes, some of which the founding fathers fought to rebel from... okay... we are founded on.... uh... SHOW THE FLAG AGAIN!!
  2. By the way, the whole Flag and Cross image right in the beginning? That's some scary shit, right? I mean, how far off is that from say the Russian Flag and Stalin or the Nazi Germany Flag and Hitler... OH, that's where I saw all those kids before!
  3. But.... Now.... This.... (QUE THE FUCKING FLAG!!!!!!) NATION!
  4. Music?! Seriously?
  5. 'Pollute' over Hillary? I'm confused.
  6. Was that The Simpsons?
  7. Then all the weird, not-really-cohesive-or-pertinent-crap starts.


Mike said...

Did you know the swastika is a cross!? Read about swastika! HMMM?

When I see shit like this... I realize who the smarter, more intelligent people really are!

Pat said...

ok, so I had to watch that intro a couple times to make sure I saw it right....what?!

They do realize that it is completely impossible to stop the influence of music because it is the sole universal language that is recognized by all cultures, races, and religions, right?

What's that? Is that music about god playing?!Would that music be made to influence others into accepting the christian faith? hmmmmmmm.......

what is with the night vision videos? it looks like two girls comforting another girl who just got raped or something

I love the footage of the guys pretending to fire a cannon and then cheering as a singer speaks about god and redemption in the background

(4:23)I also enjoy the people standing the field in the middle of the night waiting for the "mothership" to come. watch it again if you missed it.

(4:39)um.....halos go above your head.....

(5:11)I think there's an atheist hiding in this group. watch him get up and walk out of the shot. he's had enough

I'm confused..........was there a point to this video?