Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Quick Line From Virginia

I'm in Arlington, VA tonight, heading to Norfolk in the morning and on down to Georgia the day after. I'm having a blast and can't help but feel extremely Libertarian under the watchful gaze of the countless monuments surrounding me. Today I passed every single D.C. monument and building and am less than a mile or so away from Arlington Cemetary. After I post this, just before I go to bed, I'll smoke a cigarette in this unaccustomed heat looking at the jutting knife-point of the Washington Monument, cast in a yellow haze of light from the halogen display below. I'll do this and feel more like a dissident than a patriot.... ANYWAY... Here's a new song I found just before I left for the trip. I really dig it and it seems to embody a few of my thoughts this evening.

Oh, and don't think of me as some dour, muttering narcisist. I am having a GREAT time on my vacation!


Mike said...

Their website home page is awesome: Balthtop, Alabama

Pat said...

I what that picture to hang on my wall right above my computer so I can look at it while reading ray's blog