Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Think I Love Barack...

I just got back from New Orleans and came across this clip before passing out. I have a lot to post about the relevant portions of my trip, but it'll have to wait... (If I see another Baptist Church, I'm going to vomit)

Until then, enjoy... I never thought I could get behind a political figure... I think I'm getting close to that though.


Jesse said...

Just another one of the many reasons why I fully back Barack! It feels really good to finally believe in a presidential candidate. If Obama gets elected a lot of things will change for the better. Ray, I highly suggest watching a lot of his other speeches and researching his work prior to being a candidate, this guy has done some great things!

PS- and, no, I'm not riding this guys dick hard. I am just stoked a presidential candidate holds the same views I do.

Mike said...

only thing, he might have a problem winning if he keeps saying stuff like this. The majority of people that vote in this country vote on two isssues: Religion and Guns!

Unless the other 70% of this country votes in November... HE WON'T WIN! Plus we need three or more parties in this country! the Republican are the same as the Democrats and vice versus!


Jesse Hearts said...

ps-I am able to sign back in to my account, which means new posts for A Wild Change Webzine!

Kaleena said...

I very much hope Barrack wins. The only problem we may have is if the large amount of rich religious assholes in the country come out in force. Which most likely will happen. The low to moderate income people in this country need to vote. Hopefully this is the year things will get changed around and the young vote will come out. Who knows though....I would like to be positive about the whole thing but it is to the point that I will believe Barrack will win when I see it. He's got my vote. So all of your friends and family that say they are not voting encourage them to go....It may just help.

Mike said...

Basically i think we should call the people who do not vote, ASSHOLES!

You know be like, "Dude your an ignorant, self-serving, piece-of-shit, cock-nugget, stale-twat, dip-shit, douche-bag, fucking-asshole if you don't vote!" You know, really make it socially-unacceptable to not vote!

Come on, let's make it socially acceptable, like getting shit-faced and slipping roofies into girls drinks!

Mike said...

Or maybe we just need to get the canidates to sing and dance! You know like American Idol!

You know, if you didn't know already, more people vote for the "American Idol" then they do in the presidential election!

Ray said...

I agree that voting is important, but I hate to say this: I don't vote.

A long while back (right around oh, say... when Bush was elected the first time) I realized that my one vote made no difference. Now I know that EVERY VOTE COUNTS, but I felt jaded and wronged by the system. So, I decided to abstain from voting altogether. I think I will uphold this philosophy now and for the near future. I know it's wrong and I know it's apathetic, but I am sticking to it.

Besides, I would only vote Libertarian any way.

Mike said...

I realized that my one vote made no difference.

Ray it's that sort of mentality that has gotten us to this point. 70% of this country does not vote. I'm concerned with why you think your vote does not count!

Granted Bush cheated his way in both times, but you cannot cheat when there's 15 to 25% more people voting!

Mike said...

and to add... i'm not sure about this, but i would wager a guess that "fascist regimes" gain power when voting numbers decline!

I will investigate this thought!

Mike said...

And one more thing... as an atheist you should vote! Those fucking christians VOTE!

And to finalize... I won't you let you live this down until you give me a better reason for your choice!