Friday, June 27, 2008

RockForLife Calls March of Dimes Evil

I've written on the wonderfully horrible Rock For Life group before, but I wanted to share another delightful tid-bit with you. Check out what they have to say about March of Dimes.

I personally love how they drag embryonic research back into the argument. Honestly, when you're fighting for the "right to life" an embryo has, is it really that important what happens AFTER you lose said fight?

Normally I would rant about this for a few paragraphs, but honestly, I can't do it on this. The simple fact that people's religious beliefs are now impacting scientific advancement in SAVING LIVES is stunning. It's sad and it's scary, too.

Notice, that they also mention how sinister that, "MOD gave $19,000 to Dr. John F. S. Crocker of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to study congenital kidney abnormalities." Is that such a travesty? What would have happened if the Polio vaccine had somehow gone against their religious dogma? Would we still be suffering from it? What about the stem cell research that goes into developing new skin for burn victims? Should we tell the little girl in the hospital with 70% of her bodies mutilated, "Sorry, it would be a sin to help you."?

Just trying to wrap my head around the idea that they want to STOP. HELPING. PEOPLE. is so fucking disturbing.


Mike said...

Because! One thing has become abundently clear... Christian think the world is coming to an end! And, who gives a shit if people are dying, suffering, whatever; their all going to Heaven so helping people doesn't fit into their plan!

What does fit into their plan is: tricking the hopeless, stealing money, and shitting on whatever freedom/life we had in the meantime!

Jesse Hearts said...

Though I believe the March of Dimes is evil, it is not because of the facts given by this ridiculous religious group, it more has to do with the vivisection this group promotes and carries out.
Check out THIS
for some facts about the research they fund and promote.

Jesse Hearts said...

PS-I just made a post to my Web-zine
about animal testing/vivisection