Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trip Prep. Part 1 - God and Politics in Lynchburg, Tennessee

Getting ready to drive down to New Orleans next week, I'm preparing myself for the trip through The South including the Carolinas and Alabama by catching up with the Southern view on God and Politics... I'm going to get shot. I'll be sporting a custom "Atheist: A Non-Prophet Organization" shirt that Kat is being nice enough to make for me. I'll be sure to pose for pictures while I'm in Alabama wearing the shirt!! (Please send all hospital bill donations to my home address)

So... Let's find out what some of the views are in the South!

A few things on this video:

1. Huckabee lost. You lose, America wins.

2. The whole qu'ran thing is absolutely wrong and bigoted.

3. Saying one thing and doing another? Like "No Child Left Behind" and that whole "Mission Accomplished" thing?

4. The country wasn't founded on the bible.

5. Their faith and not our faith? I can't begin to tell you how wrong that is.

6. He DID do the pledge, he didn't sing the anthem. Get it right.

7. No one 'pulled' God out of the government, he was never there. Some people are trying to PUSH it into government.

8. Why is a young teenage girl weighing in on Politics? That just shows that she's spouting anything she hears from her family. Brainwashing is pretty neat.

9. The whole Obama thing is so overtly Racist, it's hard not to see it as they get angry. I have to wonder if they've ever met someone opposed to their structure of belief or if they just assume the 'evil' in them.


Mike said...

While some of out "founding fathers" were religious there is nothing that SCREAMS religious foundations. And if you read all their profiles, most do not even mention a religion/etc. Seems to me if that was an important feature to our country's existence it would be a prominent point that would be made about our so called "founding fathers"! Here is a link to the Wiki page for the Declaration of Independence: DOI

It's all garbage, you can't even hear most of what they are saying. If I may be a little prejudice for awhile, why the fuck did we not just split into two separate countries - North and the South... they could have their little conservative-ville and we could have ours, whatever-ville. There are just way too many differences to count!

I'm sort of poking fun, it's really this whole country's ideals are so out-of whack!

More people vote on american idol then on a presidential election!!!!!!! We could change the world if people voted!

Kaleena said...

Anyone who voted for Mike Huckabee in any prelim election is ill-informed and just plain stupid. There thats it...had to say it.....and unfortunately i must say Hillary doesnt have a friggin chance. Now watch her actually win wouldnt that be funny? But she is a lost cause in my opinion. And in the end has probably wasted a lot of money on a campaign where the funds could have been used to help the many civic organizations she was once very much a part of. Maybe actually do some good in this world instead of running across America for a year and a half saying the good that you will do. Maybe actually try to help some people. She was very good at that. Hillary you should have stayed with what you were good at! That's it...

Pat said...

obviously these people have no idea what the events are that take place before the return of jesus, because peace in the middle east is one of them. Then comes the rebuilding of the great temple.

And why didn't that little girls relatives chime in when she couldn't answer the questions with an actual answer, oh wait they did, they just repeated the same worthless answer she gave