Monday, June 2, 2008

If You're Going To Say Something Crazy, At Least Back It Up... Or At The VERY Least Finish What You Start!

When someone states that the Bible is without error, I automatically assume they haven't read it. I've read the Bible a few times, along with other books about the Bible and I'm sorry, but error is the best umbrella term to collectively state that the Bible has conflicting stories, mathematic and scientific error, historical inaccuracies when matched with real archeology, and just plain wrong statements. Don't 'believe' me? Check out a fun site:

As for the video, I'll respond point by point:

1 - So what you are saying is that unless I blindly accept the Bible, it won't make sense? Well, I agree! Unless I am willing to completely ignore what I know and the most basic of reality, then no, I won't be able to swallow much of anything Biblical.

If I told you that I could fly and you could, too. But only if you truly believe that you can fly and you don't ever question that you can... would you jump off of a building with me? Okay, what if I told you that I can make myself invisible, but only if you close your eyes and really REALLY believe? It's starting to remind me of when Tinkerbell dies and Peter Pan needs everyone to clap to prove they believe in the Fairy.

2 - You already said that.

3 - ... No 3? You said 10! That's not very dedicated OR accurate... and that's just ironic.

4 through 10 and any other points - Keep Clapping.

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Mike said...

You know why this is poorly made and dumb? BECAUSE RELIGION IS DUMB AND POORLY CONSTRUCTED! There are so holes in their stories and they make everyone feel like shit if they don't believe!

George Carlin talked about how it is the biggest bullshit story ever told... they've actually convinced people that there is an invisible man who lives in the sky...! (completely summarizing, but pretty close)!