Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bookstore - Update

Last night, I sent a copy of the complaint letter over to Hemant Mehta at Friendly Atheist. As a daily reader of his blog, I have to admit it's kind of cool to be a part of it. People have, so far, had some interesting opinions on the matter. You can check out the responses here. As you can see, I replied to some and I'll copy that reply below. I'll keep you posted on what develops.

Hi, I’m the “guy” that wrote this letter. Just a few points:

1. I wrote the letter because it indeed DID stick with me long after it happened. My reasoning being; If I can’t feel good about my experience there, why should I keep quiet?

2. The reason I sent it to the executive branch was simple: They’ll move on this. The store manager can shrug it off very easily because it really doesn’t affect him/her. But when you get to the heart of a business, things are dealt with much more effectively.

3. What do I expect out of this? Nothing really. I just wanted Borders to know this had happened and I wanted to get the whole situation off my chest. I feel much better about the situation. And NO: I’m not a very sensitive person, I CAN take a joke, and in fact I usually don’t get upset about anything.

4. The reason I put this on my blog is because it is an Atheist matter and my blog is primarily Atheist. Makes sense, right?

5. I am in no way calling Borders out or demanding a boycott. Go to Borders. Shop at Borders. I was just there yesterday, that’s what got me thinking about sending a letter. I love going there, sitting in the cafe’ with my fiance and friends, drinking coffee and reading books and magazines. (I do buy what I read though, it’s not a library… okay, sometimes I read a magazine and don’t buy it) But seriously, there is no call to arms about any of this. I just thought it was interesting and a viable topic for an Atheist blog and apparently it is because you read it here.

6. I will not be taking any ‘legal’ steps in this at all. No, I won’t be taking the matter to the BBB or anything, I simply wanted them to take the letter seriously and any ‘complaint letter’ should include such information. Take a look at

7. I didn’t know so many people would have such opinionated viewpoints on the whole thing. I figured it was just some info to share. Any updates, I’ll post them to

I hope that helps clear some of this up. Thanks!

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Mike said...

i like brad's comment, "He should go back into the bookstore covered in the blood of the innocent. ;D"