Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Great Secular Song (And One Of My Favorite New Bands)

Frightened Rabbit is a great band from Scotland. While this is technically the single from their second album, "Midnight Organ Fight" just out a couple of months ago, this is the first album that seems to be getting any attention over here in the states.

Hope you enjoy the song, I love it.


Jesus is just a spanish boy's name.
how come one man got so much fame?
to enemy, it's pointless to anybody
that doesn't have faith
give me the cloth and i'll wipe my face.

when it's all gone
SOMETHING carries on
and it's not mod at all,
just when natures had enough of you...
when my blood stops,
someone else's will not.
when my head rolls off,
someone else's will turn.
and while i'm alive, i'll make tiny changes to earth.

so you can burn me
cause we'll all be the same, the same way...
dirt in someone's eyes flies down the drain
i believe in a house in the clouds
and god's got his best friends round
he's painted all the walls red
to remind them they're all dead

you know when it's all gone, something carries on...
and it's not mod at all -
just when nature's had enough of you.
when my blood stops
someone else's will not.
when my head rolls off
someone else's will turn.
you can mark my words, i'll make tiny changes to earth.

while i'm alive


Kaleena said...

I love this video. Especially the end when the kids drawings pop up. Its great and after seeing 30 kids dance on screen I've determined that I cant really dance and when I do it is very much like the 6 year olds in this video!

Pat said...

I so hope some religious nuts get pissed about this video and go on a tangent about exposing young children to the idea that jesus was nothing special.