Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tucker And Movies

As requested, Tucker has asked me to post this:

"Hey, Y'all. I found this terrific and SAFE website I want to show y'all. I think it's wonderful that we can finally, as good CHRISTIAN folks, be able to avoid anything that may require us to question our belief or may introduce us to cultures and values different than our own. Y'all should check the inter-web location site below.


I hope y'all enjoy my video and make sure you keep your comments church-clean!

P.S. - I'm praying for those poor girls in the 2 Girls 1 Cup video I saw. I saw the title and thought it was about two wholesome girls and the sacrement of Jesus. The only holy content in that Sin-ematic experience is the fact that I passed out and heard God Himself (Not Herself for all those pagan, worldviewers out there) retching and vomiting. Y'all made God vomit!"


Jesse Hearts said...

I want to know Tuckers thoughts on The Happening!

Kaleena said...

This is still working for my daily break at work. It lifts any negative feeling I may have about the day completely away. Keep them coming seriously. Before i know it I will have a whole day of Tucker to watch at work. Love it and Love u

Mike said...

um... i have two questions!

1. Is tucker a homosexual?

2. Is Tucker available to to 2 boys and 1 cup!?

Pat said...

poor tucker......having to be subjected to such dreadful sinful videos.......don't worry buddy, that was my reaction too............except, without all the praying afterwards.......I did shots till I couldn't remember

c. durant said...

Great, another poorly sketched red-head. Ray is a Gingerist!!