Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Heres a great idea; Let's open a drug store and, based on personal belief, deny women contraception! Who's with me?

No one?

At least these people are.


Kaleena said...

Oh wow. This is exactly how we get all the massive amount of people living on welfare and receiving other services from the government. So when a teenager get pregnant in catilly or wherever this crap city is they have no choice but to have the child and be tied to the US government for the rest of their lives. Hopefully there is a few abortion clinics around to make up for this crap drugstore. Yikes.

Mike said...

This won't stop birth control!!! they'll just go to another drugstore!

Jesse Hearts said...

I'm sure these same Pro-Lifers are also asking questions like "Why are there so many starving kids out there?" and "What is causing global warming?" "Why is this planey being raped by mass-society?" and other things of that same nature.
Do they not realize that over population is slowly killing this planet?!

Actually I doubt any of these people even know of the ecological effects that are happening to the world.

Sorry....I tried not to get on a "green" rant

Pat said...

But Jesse, there are no ecological effects....
.....its all GOD's will

Jesse Hearts said...

Oh yea!
How could I forget that?!
I guess that makes everything wrong in this country ok.

I guess I need to pray for better memory.

Ray said...

I wanted to add a quote from George Carlin on this: "They only care about you before you're born. Once you're out of the womb, you're on your own!"

That's a pretty good assessment.

Also, for more on Jesse's statement, take a look at Freakonomics, the book has a lot of really interesting information on the correlation between abortion and the crime rate dropping.CHECK IT OUT.

Jesse Hearts said...

Thanks man, I'll have to check it out!