Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hey, Evangelicals! Ever Hear of Manifest Destiny?

Mike posted in a comment recently about Evangelicals (the cultiest of Christians) and their thoughts on the "Holy Land". I had intended on this being my follow up post to something else, but now seems as good a time as any.


Mike said...

Ray, i have not the words! Utter speechlessness!

Although, this guy is my new hero!

Pat said...

(2:28)The Jews are God's chosen people, and as God's chosen people, their beliefs are WRONG!
(2:50)Best answer ever
(3:10)You support Israel and the Jews, but believe that the battle for armageddon is a war against them?
(4:23)Charismatic, Man of Peace, One who has promoted peace for many years. Wait, they also support war in Iran, don't those lead to peace treaties?
(6:24)Based on there opinions on islam, I can assume that they have never read the story of abraham in the old testament or know what it says.
(7:00)Wait, did he just casually move from talking about war in Iran to war in Iraq. Sounds familiar.
(7:11)Hmmmmm, now how would all that money help Evangelicals to reconnect with Israel?
(8:55)My, these people treat the press with the same hospitality that scientologists do.