Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What The No-Hell Is Sarah Palin Trying To Say Here?

This quick clip boggles my mind. Palin (who can kill a 600 pound black bear simply by throwing a bullet) tries to make a joke... about Biden being old.... being old....OLD. When you have a running mate that has daily meetings with the Angel of Death, I don't think an "old man" joke works. When she tries to explain WHY the joke is at all a... joke... she really only manages to say she's a terrible candidate. Congratulations Sarah; I have an I.Q. of 142 and you have managed to use your fucking "folksy hockey-mom sensibilities" and make me drool from confusion.

I know I'm at risk of sounding like the meanest person on the webbynets, but fuck it: Now I know where Trig got his smarts.


Mike Nak said...

You know what is funny about that? She basically said she is inexperienced (which she is)!

Vote Nader, he is our ONLY choice (for TRUE change)! He also is the only candidate without a FAITH-BASED agenda. Yes, Obama is for faith-based initiatives.

--- From: http://pewforum.org/religion08/compare.php?Issue=Faith__Based_Initiatives --

John McCain - McCain says the faith-based initiative is "one of the more successful parts of the Bush Administration and I would continue it." In 2003, he voted for a bill that was a watered-down version of changes sought by President Bush to make it easier for religious groups to compete for federal grants. The bill never became law. He says groups receiving federal funding should be able to take religion into account in hiring.

Barack Obama - In a July 2008 speech, Obama announced a plan to establish a Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. It would expand upon President Bush's faith-based initiative, primarily by allocating $500 million per year for summer learning camps that would aim to narrow the achievement gap between poor and wealthy students. Under Obama's plan, groups receiving federal funding would not be allowed to take religion into account in hiring.

Ryan said...

I guess my question here is....do you really have an I.Q. of 142?