Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin: Pray For Pipelines

I was wondering what would spur me to write about religion in politics with this election. I knew the Retardicans were gearing up and I thought something would happen. Then, lo-and behold...

Sarah fucking Palin.

I bit my tongue though, I waited. I read the rumors of down syndrome baby swapping and bit harder with the soap opera gossip. I drew blood I was biting so hard when she announced her daughter was pregnant. My spasmodic glee was so hard to contain with the famous right wing idea of sex education and abortion blowing up right in Palin's face. I even kept my cool with the whole "lets hunt wolves from planes" bullshit. I haven't said a word. And then I watched a video of her at a mega-church in Alaska.

About 2 minutes in, after spouting the usual niceties you have to spout being a politician, out comes the true evangelical-political dogma. The absolute absurdity of it!

"God's will has to be done in unifying people and companies to BUILD A PIPELINE"

Really? That is just about the most facil use of prayer I have ever heard. That's the problem with politicians using God. It takes away accountability. God can do it, we don't have to. Or even worse, God wanted it that way so don't fight it. Is that what's necessary to run ANYTHING, let alone a country?

Around 2:30 is where it gets even deeper into fucking fuck FUCK crazy. She lists all the the things it takes to run a community as if it were tedious and boring. Ho-hum, doing my JOB. And then says it all means nothing if people aren't cool with God. Really? What about anyone who isn't Christian? Bigot.

I can't even coherently express my opinion of this anymore. Just watch it and see how mad you can get.


Mike Nak said...

Our leaders sent them there on a task from GOD?

She shouldn't be vice president, she should be president... I for one am totally voting for her (I'll write her in for president).

The other disturbing thing is... that her son got a tattoo of a Jesus fish on his calf. I won't go into how wrong that is, but doesn't it seem wrong to destroy the amazing body God gave you?

Guaranteed that family calls middle easterners "Sand Niggers", like at the dinner table, you know like in general conversation. This is probably the conversation when their son made his decisions known to join the military, "Mom, Dad... can I join the military so I can kill those heathen Sand Niggers!" Mr. & Mrs. Palin, "Definitely son, I thought you'd never ask! Here's God's sword, now go ahead and bring back a set of non-Christian eyeballs... we encase them and put them on the mantle. We love you honey, now make us proud!"

becky said...

i'm definitely gonna go xian seeing all these really attractive xians! i mean, if i choose jesus do i get to be that hot and trendy?! SIGN ME UP!!!

Ray said...

Sarah Palin is making it hard for me to enjoy 30 Rock... she looks too much like an older, crazy Tina Fey.

Mike Nak said...

Ray, we said the same thing!