Sunday, September 7, 2008

What The REAL Americans Are Saying About Palin

Remember what I said about Palin (or any politician) USING religion in their work? Well I've been trying to figure out how, just.... HOW can people back that? So I've been reading what they have to say online. Here's some fun ones:

  • In general, a large block of American voters are incredible shallow and Palin ... well, just look at her.
  • She has a sparky personality you can't help fall in love with
  • Should we vote for the constitional party and then pray that the MCcain/Palin ticket wins and then pray that MCcain gets saved and then dies shortly afterwards.

Yeah, Vote for someone, then PRAY THAT THEY DIE! What the fuck? Is this what it boils down to?

  • His (McCain's) policies are not in accordance with God's Law and therefore, if he wins and Palin is Veep, we need to pray the blessings of God on Palin if she would be the one who would do the most to uphold God's Law and the curses on McCain if he does not.
  • Besides Dan Quayle, she would be the most overtly evangelical person elected to the executive office in our lifetime.
  • There is more untapped oil in Alaska than in Saudi Arabia.
  • The liberals are really tucking their tails in, now! God gave us Dominion over the Earth; let's make sure it stays that way.

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crog said...

Okay, as an organizer and lobbyist for Climate Crisis, I can assure anyone who happens to read this that I know the facts about Alllasska. Is there oil in Alaska? Indeed, there is in fact some oil in Alaska. How much oil is there in Alaska? Oh, about as much as we use as a country in three months, less if you count how much it'd take just to purify and refine the tar pits they have up there. Well, why don't we use that oil? Well because we owe "texa$" to the chinese who've been lending us a boat load of money. It wouldn't do a thing besides rip up a fucking beautiful piece of land. But whatever, if Alaska wants drilling in their backyard, then fuck 'em. I did all I could.