Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Sick Of "Pride" In Ignorance

I can't stand it when some prideful Christian proudly proclaims, "Only book I read's the Bible!". As if that is something to be proud of. If you read the Bible, great. I've read it three times and each time it was more and more obvious what I was reading. Not to mention, as far as literature, it's not the best read out there. Shit, Dan Brown can out write some of the writers involved in the Bible. (Seriously, Dan Brown is quite possibly the worst writer alive and exists solely to write books that people who don't regularly read will buy.)

ANYWAY, it looks like Mariah Carey has joined the ranks of the ignorant proclaimers, are you surprised?
Seems so Christian, right?

It looks like, in an interview for Now Magazine, she stated, "The only book I make time to read is the Bible."

Okay, let's get one thing straight here; The Bible is NOT a "book". Yes, it is a book in the sense that it is pages bound in a collection, but it is not a book in the sense of "what have you read lately?"

I would argue that regular readers of the Bible aren't actually "reading". When you read a book, or article or asshole's opinions on a rarely-visited, selfish blog... reading involves a process of critical thinking. This critical thinking, by definition of being a believer, is absent from a regular reader of the bible. Your not "reading a book", your towing the party line, sorry... being "spiritual".

So when someone says the only book they read is the Bible, go ahead and translate that to, "I don't read and I reject the idea of new thoughts that aren't previously formed and approved by others. I'm ignorant."


crog said...

Mariah Carey should take some time to read the script of Glitter, and then hang herself publicly.

Mike Nak said...

um... force-fed knowledge, not knowledge gained!