Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I...LOVE....Matt Damon?

Came across this amazing clip of Matt Damon talking about Sarah Palin. You NEED to watch this. I want to buy him a beer and be internet buddies!


Mike Nak said...

I also love Matt Damon

Pat said...

I watched an interview on TV with Palin, and I could not believe the "ideals" coming out of her mouth. This country is screwed if the republicans win.
Just a quick taste of these "ideals", she mentioned that she was a member of the NRA. The interviewer asked her why and she said because people need to be able to protect themselves and protect their homes....

FROM WHAT?! polar bears? russians? canadians? rogue bobsleds?

the interviewer then mentioned hunting and she quickly responding with, "yes, hunting too. Hunting is very important to us, and we can't do it without guns."
She said something like that, haha
Still, protecting yourself with a gun is the first thing that came to her mind when asked about the NRA. Can you imagine if she got into presidential power. How many gun restrictions would be lifted all for the sake of protecting one's self and family?...

Mike Nak said...

pat... do not take this the wrong way.

Most places that have MORE gun control have higher crime rates.

But i know what you are talking about... Palin and her NRA cronies out there that are GUN CRAZY.

But the Libertarian in me says NO GUN CONTROL!

I do not own any guns (yet).

Becky and I are actually going to get our Pistol Permit. Then I can carry a GAT on me.

Plus Pat... there's plenty of other things to be disturb by about her.