Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Selling Some Art (a.k.a. shameless pandering)

I've recently sold some artwork at a local cafe' and it has made me realize that A) Strangers DO like it and B) I don't feel as horrible as I thought I would losing my paintings, I actually like the idea of it being on someone else's wall.

SO.... Here's some of what I'm selling, if you are in the least bit interested, let me know! And if you like it/hate it, let me know, too. I have a general idea of what I would like to charge, but would rather work that out with people so just throw out a price. I only ask that shipping be paid separately as it does cost money that I don't really have. Now I feel greedy and selfish... it'll wear off.

All my stuff is SprayPaint ONLY! I only work in spraypaint and stencils. Everything you see here, other than the guitar, are all Spray Paint on Canvas. Mainly Rusto... a little Krylon.

Spray2 - It's a rather small 5X7, but it's one of my favorites. This is the original and is not for sale, however I do have an identical one that I am selling.

Balloon Girl (Banksy Rip) - This is two 11X14 (I think) canvases. Originally a Banksy stencil, but I liked the idea of using two canvases.

Moral Majority - This is another 11X14 canvas that fits more with the blog than anything else.

October - Two 11X14's again. This stencil was SOOOO time consuming. This one might be sold already, but let me know if you're interested.

WTC1 - This is the second 9/11 based painting I did. (The other one just sold at the cafe') This is a bigger canvas, roughly 30" across.

City Boy - My favorite of the bunch! A nice sized canvas, around 24" in height. You can't really see the reflectiveness of the Gold in this, it's not really shiny, but it's nice.

Faucet - A nice 3 layer stencil. 11X14.

Experiment In Technique #1 - 11X14. This was a fun night of working on my splatter control.

Cog - 11X14. Great color contrast in person.

Pill Bomb - A 3 Layer stencil. Another 24" canvas. I was obsessed with getting a pill to look like a bomb for weeks with this.

Mic2 - I made one of these for a friend and then I made another for me... now I'm selling it. 11X14.

After The War (Banksy Rip) - 11X14. I love Banksy and wanted to do my own take on his work.

Jesus Shaves - My first stencil! A pretty fitting one for the blog, too. About 24" in height.

Balloon Girl on Guitar - This is an old classic string guitar that a friend gave me. I wanted to Art the shit out of it and I think it came out nicely. I didn't re-string it but it can be and played.

Brown Mouse V. Grey Mouse - Two 11X14 canvases. I really enjoy working with this stencil and have used it on a lot of pieces.

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Paul said...

What do you want for the guitar? Also, where are you located?

plittle (at) aol (dot) com