Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama The AntiCrhist?

This guy is Jim Bramlett. He's a former employee of CBN and Campus Crusade For Christ, you know, the college level nazi recruitment group? ANYWAY, Jim seems to have a theory about Barack Obama. Let's read shall we?:

Dear friends:

Barack Hussein Obama has taken the nation by storm. From obscurity, with zero executive experience, or much of any kind, he has vaulted into the position of Presidential frontrunner. It is stunning. On the surface, it appears attributable only to his eloquent oratory and his race. But an invisible factor may be a strong spiritual force behind him, causing some people to actually swoon in his presence.

I have been very concerned that he has publicly said that he does not believe Jesus is the only way to heaven. This makes both the Bible and Jesus a liar, and it means that Christ has died in vain. A person cannot be a true Christian who believes that there are other ways of forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life with God. Only Jesus has paid the price for that.

Therefore, there is, indeed, another spirit involved. And this spirit has come into our national life like a flood. Last week at Obama's acceptance speech, that spirit exalted itself in front of a Greek temple-like stage, and to a huge audience like in a Roman arena. Omama was portrayed as god-like. His voice thundered as a god's voice.

At the end, Democratic sympathizer Pastor Joel Hunter gave the benediction and shockingly invited everyone to close the prayer to their own (false) gods. This was surely an abomination, but it was compatible with Obama's expressed theology, and Hunter's leftist leanings.

God was not pleased.

Well, he's definitely not happy. But what could save us from this heathen? I mean, surely this is a force to be reckoned with. We need SOMEONE!!

Enter Governor Sarah Palin. With incredible timing, the very next day, Sarah Palin also appeared out of nowhere. Her shocking selection as John McCain's running mate stunned the world and suddenly took all the wind out of Obama's sails.

We quickly learned that Sarah is a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian, attends church, and has been a ministry worker.

Sarah is that standard God has raised up to stop the flood. She has the anointing. You can tell by how the dogs are already viciously attacking her. But they will not be successful. She knows the One she serves and will not be intimidated.

Back in the 1980s, I sensed that Israel's little-known Benjamin Netanyahu was chosen by God for an important end-time role. I still believe that. I now have that same sense about Sarah Palin.

Today I did some checking and discovered that both her first and last names are biblical words, one in Hebrew the other in Greek:

Sarah. Wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. In Hebrew, Sarah means "noble woman" (Strong's 8283).

Palin. In Greek, the word means "renewal." (Strong's 3825).

A friend said he believes that Sarah Palin is a Deborah. Of Deborah, Smith's Bible Dictionary says, "A prophetess who judged Israel…. She was not so much a judge as one gifted with prophetic command…. and by virtue of her inspiration 'a mother in Israel.'"

Only God knows the future and how she may be used by Him, but may this noble woman serve to bring renewal in the land, and inspiration.


(His emphasis, not mine)

So what do we learn from this? That there are some amazingly stupid people out there. "Look! That person fits our narrow, ignorant lifestyle!" "She's from GOD!!!!". Maybe God shouldn't send someone who's down with killing animals from planes. Or maybe someone who blindly supports a pipeline regardless of the impact on Alaskan wildlife. Somehow, that doesn't seem Christ-like, does it? Would Jesus come down from heaven and tell Rape victims to cough up cash? Maybe.

Here's my letter:

Dear Jim,

You're a dumb, mildly racist fucking asshole.




Mike Nak said...

Obama IS NOT the choice for america, neither is McCain! Vote Nader!

Isn't Obama Muslim?

Carlos from Portugal said...

I aggree too that Obama is the Anticrhist! Nostradamus said it!
About palin..dunno. But is a good theory.

Anonymous said...

Ray, your filthy and obscene language is typical of mindless leftists who have nothing else to say.

I agree with Jim Bramlett.

Ray said...

Anonymous, Thanks for commenting on a nearly two year old post in a defunct blog! While I find it funny that you would say my 'filthy and obscene language' is typical because I swore exactly twice in a fairly lengthy post, I would also like to remind you that for Jim to be correct (and by extension yourself) their would have to be an actual devil of some kind. Does he have horns and a pitchfork? Because if he does, I think I saw him on Halloween.

Thanks for drudging a dead post back into the living (Like Jesus!) and reminding me that there are indeed still people that fall for ignorant rhetoric.

Have fun in heaven,