Friday, September 19, 2008

Art Is Serious

Here's a new video I made!




Kelsey said...

Wow, that is some of the most groundbreaking work I've ever witnessed. The art world may never recover from the loss of such genius, R. Kelly(not that R. Kelly) was a true visionary and like so many artists wasn't appreciated properly in his own lifetime. If R. Kelly(not that one) has a family, my thoughts go out to them....and to the art world as a whole.

Ray said...

Thanks, Kelsey. I've looked into the family thing and it appears that no one stepped forward to claim relation. I hunted down a small art zine from tampa florida that talked about the funeral and it said that just Mercury and Alexander were present, along with a mysterious woman with face tattoos.

I guess we'll never know. Pretty emotional stuff though.

Crog said...

"Its like, if you took Hitler and Pol Pot's skulls and made a cake with 'em."

What makes this hilarious is that you're not too far away, Roushenberg erased a De Kooning and presented it at an art gallery.


Pat said...

I will never see my life the same way ever again. To see such moving art and then to find out that R. Kelly(not that one) is died, I......I can't even begin to explain the emotion that I feel right now. If only he had someone there to choke him so he didn't have to use a rope. Once again, perversion, ignorance, and the search for the perfect orgasm have claimed another great artists.........

strangely enough, that same statement will probably be made by someone when R. Kelly dies(yes, that R. Kelly) Just without the words "great" and "artist"

(On a side note to ray and in the whiniest voice possible, you guys never include me in any of your fun)