Monday, July 28, 2008

Why Can't They Make A Coherent Video?

This video starts out as someone's idea of a clever little "letter to God" and devolves into what can only be considered the youtube equivalent of a crazy, muttering senior-citizen in the throes of a "back in my day" fit. Enjoy!


Considering the church shooting that just happened hours after I posted this, I would say the entire opening of this clip is voided. Unless God isn't allowed in church either? I really hope I don't sound careless when I point out the irony of a church shooting.


Pat said...

so, wait, is this video promoting bing crosby and the blindness of the 1950s? I'm so confused. Don't half those things have nothing to do with each other? Was this written by the oldest republican senator from the south? Is this video seriously suggesting that if we allowed teachers to beat are children that there wouldn't be any school shootings? All that talk about there being more murders and suicides can easily be proved with science. A) Not every death was recorded correctly back then because of the religious ramifications. Does this person actually believe that when the God fearing parents found their child dead from suicide that they admitted it. I'm sure they covered it up so as not to smear their own reputation. B) We have a bigger FUCKEN POPULATION! Obviously there will be more because there are more fucking people! Abortions have nothing to do with school shootings you fucking idiot! Giving out condoms at school is helping students learn safe sex so that we don't have the God fearing christian family that has ten fucking kids! People who believe this video and spread the word of its message are the reason why this country is so fucked up. Every time there is change that could better are nation economically, or help with tolerance, or with relations with other nations, they say, "Well what would god think?" WHO THE FUCK CARES!

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

That video should be retitled An Exercise in Non Sequiturs. I'm surprised they didn't blame rising gas prices on the lack of school prayer too.

As for the recent church shooting: The thing is, this was a Unitarian Universalist church, and that's why it was attacked. The Unitarian Universalists give me hope for theists because they are so open minded. Heck, my fiance who is Catholic and wants a church wedding, and I will probably get married in a UU church, because they would have no problem with me being an atheist. I know of some out atheists who regularly attend UU churches and really like them.