Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brainwashing 101

I understand how this kid's parents could think, "oh! How cute!"

But once you start thinking about how children at that age simply mimic what they see adults doing, it takes on a whole new meaning. Through this kid's eyes, its just yelling and slamming the pulpit. Of course, I tend to see a lot of it that way, too.


Pat said...

This video in written form, with added commentary:

child: blyah yah yabee! Hee yah yabeum!

Man: That's right

(I agree. Jibberish is all I hear during a sermon too)

child: Ay god.....gody god god......gody gday! i'my gah I'mah

(Alright, this is ridiculous)

What the hell is with this people. You can't even understand what the damn kid is saying other then the word "god" and they keep encouraging him and praising everything they say
This kids gonna have a tough time when he becomes a teenager and realizes they won't worship and pray everything he says

Mike said...

damn kid should be Damned Kid

I think we will all have the same comments... it's pretty much all real preaching is too, Jibberish! You can see why they are encouraging it, because they think he must be speaking tongues or something!

Hitler's Youth = Christian Youth, to soon!?