Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Praying For Gas Prices

The Washington Post had this little gem on their website today.

My favorite line?

"Nobody else is doing anything," she said. "God is going to do something."

Really? Maybe God could make us less dependent on oil, foreign or otherwise. Or maybe He can make cars run on nothing. Even better, Prayer!

When people pray, it's one thing when it's for a cause that could be considered altruistic, but when it is for the cost of something to go down? What about more affordable healthcare? Housing? Food for the poor? Nah, gas prices.

It's seeing people gather together in the name of a God and doing... nothing that bothers me so much about this. Am I bothered that they do this because it's praying? No. It bothers me that they call themselves Christian and, instead of HELPING someone... anyone, they put their time and energy into a self-serving and insignificant "mission".

Here's a fun game; The next time you see something religious going on, a building being built, a function taking place, ask yourself this: "What else could that money and those people do?" In this case, I wonder what would have happened if these people volunteered somewhere, again ANYWHERE. Claiming to be a part of an organization that supposedly stands for the betterment of "the people" comes with one bitch of a stipulation; Actually bettering something.

I would write more, but I'm about to start a prayer vigil for my car payments to go down. Here's hoping Jesus can help an Atheist out on this.


Mike said...

Christians are some other most arrogant people on this Earth, are you surprised!

To Quote, and we all know who: But people do pray, and they pray for a lot of different things, you know, your sister needs an operation on her crotch, your brother was arrested for defecating in a mall. But most of all, you'd really like to fuck that hot little redhead down at the convenience store. You know, the one with the eyepatch and the clubfoot? Can you pray for that? I think you'd have to. And I say, fine. Pray for anything you want. Pray for anything, but what about the Divine Plan?

They're weak minded, and so it goes!

Pat said...

I love that the guy leading the ceremony is wearing a shirt with what could be viewed as native African designs on it.
I guess he doesn't realize that the ancestral black man didn't worship the christian faith

Mike said...

Nice one Pat! We've always said that (Becks and I)! Why would a Black or Hispanic person want to follow a religion when, in so many words, it was forced upon them!