Monday, July 7, 2008

What What (In The Butt) Acoustic Cover

I can't believe I just did this. Don't judge me. My friend Kelsey said it couldn't be done, well... it can and has.

May Non-God have mercy on my soul.


Mike said...

What would have made this really gay, is if it included some of the originals finer points:

1. Lip Gloss
2. Brown hearts and stars w/ lips
3. Hip shaking, common Ray!
4. The seductive breathy singing/attitude.
5. Doubles (well triples) of yourself asking you for butt sex.
6. and finally the censored BUTT SEX!

Jesse Hearts said...

Is this the new My Chemical Romance song?!

Pat said...

I could only watch one minute of this before feeling.....ify.....

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

That reminds me of this:

Funny stuff.