Sunday, July 13, 2008

Praying For Gas Part 2

Here's a video of the group praying for lower gas prices that I posted on a few days ago.

Funny thing about this: Adding in the extra lyrics to "We shall overcome" about lower gas prices. Is this really.... REALLY... what you want to do with your day? Be the Weird Al of Prayer? I want to see these folks drive by a homeless shelter and tell me that gas prices are the real trouble in the world.

I also love the "proof" that God is listening to their prayers because the price went down 8 cents.


If God were listening, do think he might be able to do a little better than that? Is Exxon more powerful than God? Maybe God is trying to send us a message about using a non-renewable fuel source that destroys the planet? Or maybe, and this is a big maybe, praying for the price of ANYTHING is just about as far away from the message of this particular deity, that it shows just how absolutely ridiculous people can be.

Join me next week at BlockBuster Video where fellow Atheists will be praying and singing for the end of the tyranny that is paying almost 6 dollars for Miss Congeniality 2. (See how over the edge it sounds?) Stop praying for gas and start lobbying for a new fuel source. Personally, I'll stick with just hyperventilating when I fill my tank.


Mike said...

Ok, I see the light now! I understand exactly what I've been missing out on! I now am praying for gas prices to come down also! Please join me as we will sing songs to God for this amazing Earth he has given to us and how we have entirely forsaken that! Look at how we have squandered our existence and became greedy sons of bitches!

Craig Durant said...

Ray, I think you'll like the following two videos.


coincidentally enough, i prayed for both these videos.