Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just When I Start To Get My Head Around People Believing Rediculous Things...

Hmmmm, Jesus just seems so.... normal now.

Great, now I'm starting to side with the Christians? At least there preposterous myth has SOME semblance of history I.E. it's been passed down over the years through families. Still not a reason to believe in it, but an understandable way in which people fall into it.

But with this, you have to start with it brand new and that's rediculous. I mean, how the hell does something like religion just "start up"?? It's the alleged "beginning" and, if it were true, the absolute most important thing in the world... ever! That shit doesn't just get "realized" by some 40 year old, new age, dreamcatcher selling, hypocrite in Nevada.

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Mike Nak said...

I pretty much have no idea what that was. Did it even explain anything? Was there a belief structure? Rainbow Warriors?

When you spell everywhere, Every Where... you kind of lose me.