Thursday, December 18, 2008

The War On Christmas

Bill Bill Bill, when you talk, is it just to hear your own voice? Or is it to drown out the rest of the people around you telling you you're WRONG? By know I'm sure you've heard about the FFRF plaque in Olympia, Washington. I like it, I just wish the wording had been slightly more passive at the end, just so there could be less ammunition for the conservative blowhards up in arms about it.

The fact remains that, in any given public area that has been cleared for displays, Atheist displays are just as viable and protected as any Nativity Scene or any religious display. I mean, I think if I was a believer, a hollow, plastic, glowing, plugged in Jesus would be more offensive than someone else's beliefs. But it's Bill's thick wall of ignorance that is the problem. The self proclaimed "War on Christmas" that he and his ilk have claimed to be happening.... is that even remotely realistic?

The war on Christmas is over. Christmas lost. And it won. Because it wasn't fought in the streets or in the courts or even in the schools. It was fought at Walmart and Best Buy. It was fought by Santa and Jesus and Santa won with a surprise right-cross with a Visa Debit Card in his hand. Every Christmas Tree faced off against all the Crucifix' and, some say because of the hight advantage and Jesus' off balance pose, the Tree's had them beat in no time. The presents won in a landslide victory against communion. The Grinch and Charlie Brown and Home Alone became the new Trinity and all was good.

The war on Christmas. Never happened. Christmas is as much about Jesus as St. Patrick's Day. I'm an Atheist and I love Christmas, not because of any religious references or traditions (they've all but dissapeared) but for what Christmas is really about; Family and Friends... and buy a shit load of stuff and propping up a portion of the economy one wish-list at a time. No one thinks fondly of their Christmas' past and see's religion, they see dinner with the family, presents under the tree, Lego's and Barbie.

So Christmas is what it is, the middle of winter, the time of the solstice, and a chance to get together with family and take some time off work. You want a real Bad Guy for crimes against Christmas? Talk to Jim Carry about remaking a live action Grinch. There's your culprit. Go get him, Bill.

Ho Ho Ho.

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Mike Nak said...

Bill O'reilly is a RETARD! And... I think most of us could agree with that.

Also... Christmas in all its traditions are more based in (nordic) Paganism than Christianity. The Tree, the time of year, Santa Claus, etc.

I have been watching Wonderfalls (a show canceled by Fox) and Lee Pace's character is working towards his PhD in Theology, yet he is an Atheist... and replies to his therapist that, "There are more of us than you would know!" When you start your journey to studying "theology" you realize it quickly becomes more and more like "mythology".