Thursday, November 13, 2008

Show This To Anyone Telling You Gay Marriage Isn't OK


Kaleena said...

this is great. I cant begin to describe how I happy I felt after I saw this. Keith Olberman is my new hero !

Blotz said...

Sometimes I find myself in absolute awe of the fact that the best TV commentator of our generation started his career swapping silly nicknames with Chris Berman on Sportscenter.

As for the gay marriage thingy. Atheists, secularists, humanists... we have more skin in this game than you may at first blush realize. How many of us have had a secular wedding? We did, with no mention of God or Jesus, officiated by a nice lesbian Humanist Minister. How big a jump is it from negating Adam and Steve's marriage because they're gay to negating Adam and Eve's marriage because they didn't follow the right Holy Book? Or used no Holy Book at all? As Keith points out, within many of our lifetimes anti-miscegenation laws ruled who could or could not marry. And I think it goes without saying that the people who pushed through Prop 8 and other such legal dreck would have no problem saying "Why should Atheists be allowed to marry? Why should they be allowed to destroy the Sanctity of our God given Institution!"

Look out evrybody, they may be coming after your marriage next.

PS. My good friend Karl, when told that the Mormon church had spent millions to pass prop 8, opined,
"Because nobody knows better than the Mormons that Marriage is traditionally between ONE man and ONE woman...right?"

Mike Nak said...

Gay marriage is a stupid debate for stupid people. Marriage is no longer a "religious" union, it is more a legal union and should be open to ALL people of this nation. If we're going to deny the Gay and Lesbian community the right to marry then no one should be allowed to marry. Mainly because the government should have no ruling over who you like to fuck "exclusively".

When I say "stupid" I mean this is complete idiotic discussion and it shouldn't even be a discussion. Death to ALL who are opposed... we probably don't need them anyways and they'd be happier in "Heaven".