Monday, August 11, 2008


While part of me sees Bill Maher as a poor man's Dennis Miller who, in turn, is a poor man's... The man was in What Happens In Vegas!

Okay okay, I can appreciate both guys for what they have to say. And even more so with Bill Maher, now that he's coming out with his new movie, Religulous.

Here, watch this.

Isn't that fun? I can't wait to see this. Yes, there have been some recent claims that his "tactics" were akin to the intellectual holocaust that is Ben Stein (Yeah, I said that.) but I'm willing to wait and see what there is here. After all, it comes from the Borat gang and frankly, you can't make a subversive documentary that has the religious right and TELL them you don't believe in God.

"Excuse me, Mr. Hitler? Hi, Shalom Goldmansteinberg here. Can I ask you a few questions?"

See, doesn't work.

Also, I recommend the Religulous website for some fun goodies to check out.


Mike Nak said...

I am also very excited to see this... hooray Billy Boy!

Someone needed to do this!

Ray, Sorry about not posting as I usually did, right now i'm in the middle of production and do not have much time at WORK to read the postings. BUT, I will keep posting and i will post as I can!

Ray said...

Don't worry! I know how production at German Scat Films can be. Good to hear from you and as Herr Glutenpfisen always said, "Behalten Sie Ihre Stiefel darauf. Keiner will Schei├če und Sperma auf ihren Zehen."