Friday, August 22, 2008

Hamlet 2 Is Getting The Jesus Freaks All Testy

I dig Steve Coogan and I'm looking forward to seeing his new movie, Hamlet 2 once it makes it's way to the middle of nowhere. (I live one town over from there) I was on IMDB checking on release dates and happened upon some interesting ignorance on the forums. It seems that, since there is a running joke in the preview about a "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" music number, people are panning the film before it's even out and there are some really interesting comments on the film. Here are some of the interesting ones:

Me = Red

Them = Blue

Jesus didnt come here to be "sexy", sorry to dissapoint you. he came to save the world and he did, but still you have ppl like many imdb jerks who will not believe that and act all "eeh who cares its a sham", which i find very sad. and then they make the most asburd comments ive ever seen on here and its just like, pffft forget it, no point in trying to talk to these creeps.

How do you know if Jesus was sexy?

I'm eating my popcorn, enjoying myself and getting ready for the premiere show when that garbage filthy vile preview came on. I am authoring a letter to the animals who produced that movie and the local movie houses. If they play that piece of garbage in the theaters that I attend, it'llbe the last one I see there.

I bet you were first in line to see Expelled though.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.
Galatians 6:7

Oh shit, the quotes are starting.

I hate atheists, Every single one of them should go choke on a scientist's dick and just shut up about every one else's beliefs.

I had to respond to this one on the forum, it makes more sense to read the thing there.

Your reasoning is off. This movie spoofs Jesus. Had they made a movie that had shown Muhammad in a similar fashion, Muslims would not tolerate it. There would be a fatwa issued against those involved in the making of this movie. Salman Rushdie is still in hiding and remember the Muhammad cartoons published in Denmark?
Hollywood wouldn't dare. So they go after Christians who they know won't do nothing more than perhaps a protest. It just goes to show what cowards they are in Hollywood and sleazeballs for constantly denigrating religion.

Really? And I quote... eh hem... "Dirka.... Dirka... Muhammed.... Jihad." - Team America.

I'm boycotting this movie. Cause it makes fun of my Savior...and thats not cool.

You wouldn't get the movie anyway.

F--k muslims, f--k this movie, and f--k all you who think it's ok to make fun of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

You said it! And by it, I mean the best possible summation of how ignorant and borderline retarded you are.

I hope this movie fails and if it succeeds, then God help all of us.

That's what I said about The Hottie and The Nottie

If you think this movie has some keen sense of comedy where a religious figure is transformed into some kind of stand up comic, you really, really need to take stock of your life.

Stock taken, see the movie so can learn what the word CONTEXT means.

Why is it always ok to make fun of Christians and Jesus in general?
Who ever said it was something that was ok to do?

I did. We cool?

Try pulling the same S*%# with the Muslims or Jews and your film career is over.
You automatically get labeled as insensitive or an anti-semite.
"F" this movie and all the people that contributed to it.

Again, please refer to the "Dirka" statement earlier. Oh, and how about EVERY cliche Jewish stereotype that has been portrayed in movies, either intentionally or just plain racist.

Well, I think we all learned something here. Christians will jump immediately to conclusions without the information or knowledge first, then proceed to angrily force that opinion on others.

Sounds about par for the course.


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...


Just wow!

This movie is about a desperate theater director who writes a ridiculously bad play, it is not about Jesus in any way.

At least when I was a Christian I boycotted and petitioned movies that really did portray Jesus, like The last Temptation of Christ. Of course, I condemned it before seeing it too, but I was young and stupid. I repented later.

I hate when I see so much of my old self in some of these folks.

Pat said...

Making fun of religion and religious figures is a practiced that has been going on in movies since the 60s. But I don't think it has ever been welcomed with so much hostility as in the past 20 years. What the hell happened to the world that caused us to lose are sense of humor

Mike Nak said...

May i bring in the evidence of Dogma (Kevin Smith). Most of you are probably big fans of this movie and might know what i'm about to say. Many Christians boycotted this movie without seeing it. Many had no clue what the movie was about and many never will. Kevin and his crew got many angry letters (HATE MAIL) protesting the flick.

When all is said and done... the movie is one of the most spiritual movies to come. That movie has always made me think and question my own beliefs.

And i guess that's it Christians don't think they get told!

They never want to explore Christ's life they only want to know he died for their sins, hence the Passion's success!

Christine Vyrnon said...

I saw the show just so I could blog about Sexy Jesus on my Hot4Jesus site.

Every generation there is a new bunch of ppl very willing to be offended by a sexualized Jesus.
Who are they kidding? Jesus has been sexualized from day one, and the Sexy Jesus song was just stating the obvious... and still kept Jesus' godhood intact.

Relatively tame, imo.

How many rock/hipster/contemporary churches out there were just asking for it? Doesn't take much to tack on "sexy" to a Rock Me Jesus song. Believe me... been there.

If Jesus wasn't sexy, I wouldn't have a blog.