Friday, October 17, 2008

Which One Is Scariest?

In honor of the most godless of holidays... at least to the severely religious... Halloween, take a look at the following videos and tell me which one terrifies you the most... For me it's a tie between #1 and #3... mainly 3, but seriously, cupcakes?:


Crog: Unemployed Viking said...

As much as I loved the third video; an Al-Jazeera News take on American Politics and their showing of just how retarded Americans are. That was scary. But the woman who lost her virginity to a family dog, (not even her family) and followed that up with a jem of a quote. "So, you lost your virginity to a human first? I didn't until I was 21. I had boyfriends, but they never seemed that into it."

Umm, maybe because your cootch smelled like Hootch.

Mike Nak said...

You know how the Xains are scared of the Devil, and think all Atheists are devil worshippers!?

That's pretty much what I associate Xians with, The Devil!

I don't worship anything, well maybe myself (totally kidding, no I'm not). These people walk around spouting that they worship Christ/God/Holy Spirit and they think they are these holier-than-now people, but they couldn't be further that. Hating "certain" people does not equate Love Thy Neighbor!

And I feel really bad for that kid... cuz you know his Mom made him like that. It's really sad!