Monday, October 20, 2008

Wanna Puke? Or Maybe Load A Gun?


Pat said...

I hope he votes for obama and they get divorced, haha

Oh no, he has muslim in his past, oh no, he once was friends with a terrorist, oh no, he's black.

Here's a great view of all three of those things that both myself and my parents share. The muslim history means he has a better grasp on the beliefs , views, and reactions of those who are of that faith in the middle east. Once having a friendship with a terrorist means he has an idea of how they think. He's black, the world will definitely change their minds about us if we stop being such racist bastards and vote in a president of different color and background.

People think so one dimensional. I wish people could read between the lines and look at each thing as what they could mean instead of what they are

Mike Nak said...

pat said...
"I hope he votes for obama and they get divorced, haha"
Yeah, family values.

I hate to be unintelligent, but I think this gets all my points out... WHAT A FUCKING IGNORANT CUNT!

To a serious point.

Ok, for all you Obama supporters out there, don't believe for a second that Obama wasn't chosen for this Presidency. WE DON'T PICK THE PRESIDENT. If you don't believe me go back a few year (2000). We NEED top break the mold. If we keep following blindly this ever-ending cycle of control and conformity we will never ever have a "world" we can be proud of.

Vote Nader and feel confident you voted for the RIGHT person for CHANGE.

And to the nay-sayers who say, "well that's just throwing away your vote cuz he'll never win." Fuck you, you have no idea what you are talking about and you are just as ignorant as this woman.

I don't necessarily mean to be so abrasive... I just don't understand why we continue to "follow like sheep".