Sunday, May 25, 2008

Paula Zahn discriminates against atheists?!

I have a wonderful amount of links that I've compiled into an 'Atheism' folder in my bookmarks that I wanted to share with friends, seeing as that e-mail has become a blog, I had to think about the one to "start" with. This clip from CNN pretty much sums up most of my frustration with mainstream American outlooks on Atheism. If you're a forward-thinking person, and if you're reading this I hope you are, try to watch this and NOT get mad.

Fun game: Try replacing the term 'Atheist' with the term 'Jew' or 'Homosexual' and tell me how you feel...

A few points:

- (0:25) I can't stand the arrogant smirk on Karen Hunter's face when she says "nothing, right?" Is that clever?

- (0:30) 'In God We Trust' wasn't on our money originally. In the history of currency, it's fairly contemporary... And it "ends" with freedom of religion.

- (0:38) "They took Prayer out of schools, what more do they want?" That sounds waaaay to similar some one in the 50's saying "They got in to our schools, what more do they want?" See how bigoted that is? Oh, and Prayer is out because tax payers shouldn't have to fund a religious belief. Look on the bright side, Karen! At least you don't have to pay for those darn atheist kids to... think rationally?

- (0:49) "We are a Christian Nation. I'm not a Christian, I'm Jewish but I recognize that we are a Christian Nation." That is so wrong and conflicting on so so SO many levels that it actually makes my nose bleed if I think about it for too long.

(0:56) "Freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom FROM religion"... Are you absolutely fucking insane? Can you HEAR the words coming out of your mouth or do you just hear the rhythm of the vowels and go with it?

(1:15) Firstly, are any of these cases true? Secondly, how are Atheists involved with this? Thirdly, I think it's pretty revealing that you choose to complain about Middle-Eastern beliefs that are 'okay'. I know it's really easy to 'poke' at the popular target, but it just makes you sound more ignorant and bigoted.

(1:55) Great. The ESPN Analyst... Who LOVES THE LORD... is the only one semi, half-heartedly sticking up for reason. The E..S...P...N...ANALYST. Why was he chosen for this 'round table' discussion? Oh, yeah. He Loves the Lord.

(2:17) After a really "witty" chuckle about Atheists needing greeting cards, we get to the real root of Karen's debate, "I think they need to shut up." Now imagine if it were any other group of people she said that about... "I think the Jews need to shut up." Spoken like a real American. "Martin Luther King should have kept his mouth shut, at least he'd be alive". Such warm feelings from Karen.

(2:48) Apparently without prayer, you have no morality... Um... right.

(3:30) Thank you Sports Man.

(3:40) I retract that thank you. "I heard that. I read that. I just don't believe it." Do you realize how EXACTLY that explains what I say about the bible?

(4:15) I'm done. Karen goes on about not imposing on her rights while slamming down the rights of others... I can't take the double standard. I'm trying so hard to reconcile the complete bullshit in that statement that my brain is actually pushing its way out of my head trying to escape. I can't take anymore. I can't try to make sense out of it and try to make some form of rational point of it. I CAN'T!!

If you manage to do it, let me know.


Mike said...

All i have to say is... Christians impose on other religions/other belief structures since their inception!

And this country IS NOT a christian country!! on many LEGAL documents (and for that fact other documents) it says" without regard to age, race, CREED, color, handicap, marital status, sex, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, arrest/conviction record or veteran status."

If we were a CHRISTIAN NATION, the word CREED would surely be omitted! Don't you think!

Pat said...

I love the lack of credibility and right of every member of that panel to be on that show saying anything about atheism.
Karen Hunter is on there because they needed an overly outspoken christian who opposes atheism in any form. She also writes books that have names like "Why do black men love white women", that anybody could easily claim is forwarding the black steriotype in america.
Debbie Schlussel is jewish, and she makes sure we know it. She also despises islam, and hints to it. In fact, the only reason why anyone knows her is because she accuses islam of attacking America on a regular bases and because she says Morgan Spurlock i a fraud. Oh yeah, and she hates atheists.
Stephen A. Smith, well, he's an ESPN analyst who has never been outspoken about anything religious until this point. But hey, we need someone to defend atheism, sort of, so lets get a guy who now one will believe or listen to because he has no background what so ever on the topic.
Seems fair and balanced to me.
Thank you CNN, for once again proving that your discussion shows are nothing more then watered down less ignorant, but also less intelligent, copies of Fox News