Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Disney, Make Up Your Mind; Are You For Or Against Child Porn?

Unfortunately, I've been subjected to the whole Miley Cyrus fiasco with Vanity Fair. If you haven't heard about it, congratulations. I wish I could say the same, but I work with people who have to talk about these things. The one thing I will say for opinion is, while I can understand why having her in a 'revealing' picture is bad, isn't it completely and totally unavoidable? I mean, EVERY SINGLE commercially generated pop-starlet has eventually become... well, trampy. It happened with Britney, Christina, Jessica, and countless other teen cardboard cut-outs. And we all rejoice in saying, "tisk, tisk. Look at that." We can't get enough of these gossipy little "news" stories.

SO... As the pop-stardom age gets lower and lower, isn't the whole Miley Cyrus thing just a symptom. Here's the model for the business:

- Find young, clearskinned person to appeal to youth

- Remove their personality, replace with business savvy

- Mass-Market the new product to the youth through T.V., Movies, Concerts, CD's, Magazines, etc.

- Exploit until 'product' is too old (about 17 or 18), or until a more viable product appears

- Inherently sexualize product, this makes the appeal to children more effective due to burgeoning sex-drives and puberty. It also maintains some amount of public awareness due to the nature of society.

- As product ages (around 18 and 19) it now desires to be an 'individual'. This will destroy product viability. Drop product and pick up younger product.

- This new product will have to be younger than the original when it started because of the growing youth culture that you are trying to reach. Upside? They will be a viable product longer.

Isn't this Miley Cyrus thing just the natural progression? Well, Miley look on the bright side. A few years from now, this will all just be "the beginning" of the end of your career. Enjoy sub-celebrity status and hanging our with Paris.

ANYWAY, the reason I started this rant... Disney was up in arms about the whole photo-shoot. They said that she had been taken advantage of to sell magazines. Really? Well, take a look at this. I would post it here, but frankly, I don't want it on my site and the story is told way better on Slate. Hint: It involves a giant billboard and a twelve year old in undies.

What was that about being taken advantage of?


Mike said...

My first thought i have always had... is how in the hell did this cunt and her washed up dad ever get a popular show!!!???

If you've ever watched that piece of garbage, it's amazing... i have no clue what is even going on... it's way way too campy!

As far as the photos... fucking Disney!!!

I stay at a Disney resort, on business mind you, the only thing on the tube was disney shows, christian shows, or information about their billion theme parks! They're not hiding their true identity!

Pat said...

.....yeah....sorry for bring that whole thing up. Next time I'll try to stay quiet about these things, haha