Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Abstinence Clown?

The hard part of watching this is trying to decide to either hate him or pity him. I mean, this is his LIFE.... Oh well. Watch carefully as he tries to "smoothly" transition into the whole "don't have sex" theme that he's inevitably been leading toward. The way he does it is completely arbitrary. He might as well say, "You have to do one other thing to make your dream..... You have to kill a Hobo with a knife." How does not fucking someone assure your success in life? Shit... most people would measure it the other way! Oh well, enjoy the 'clown'.

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Mike Nak said...

Yeah, we shouldn't have the freedom to do anything. I'm gonna lock myself in my room and read the Bible because I should be afraid of everything. Wait, isn't FEAR a product of the Devil? Like the teacher in Donnie Darko said!